Dialectical Behaviour Therapy : Children and Adolescents


Product Description

Published USA, 2008
Clients with borderline personality disorder are normally adults. Many of the symptoms they exhibit began in childhood for a variety of reasons. The author's supposition is that, since these problems began in childhood, a proper place to begin working on the problems is when they begin to develop. This book is designed to offer Marsha Linehan's DBT theoretical orientation and specific worksheets that can be used in a variety of clinical settings in a hands-on manner. The major chapter is devoted to self-harming behaviours. The rest of the chapters provide interventions that help young people understand behaviours that destroy the quality of life and the need for alternative skills.

Dealing with Self-Harm
Emotional Vulnerability
Unrelenting Crises and Active Passivity
Inhibited Grieving
Apparent Competence

Connie Callahan is the Chair of the Counselling and Educational Psychology Department at Eastern Kentucky University.
Large-format paperback. 141 pages