Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills and 101 Mindfulness Exercises: Fun Activities for Children and Adolescents


Product Description

Published USA, 2009
This easy-to-use manual makes learning and practising Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills fun and interesting for children and adolescents. DBT, originally designed by Marsha Linehan for female adults struggling with self harm and suicidal behaviours, appears to be effective for treating young people struggling with a range of mental health issues. This book arranges each of the DBT skills in a straightforward and easily readable manner for younger clients. It is a supplement and not a substitute for a comprehensive skills training workbook in DBT. The workbook includes a comprehensive list of mindfulness exercises and many fun games and interactive learning aids that will help young people learn and remember the DBT skills. There are templates for progress or group completion certificates, behaviour coupons, and diary cards for monitoring behaviour.

DBT Skills
- Core Mindfulness
- Walking the Middle Path
- Distress Tolerance
- Emotion Regulation
- Interpersonal Effectivess
101 Mindfulness Exercises
DBT Games and Activities

Kimberly Christensen is a therapist and DBT skills trainer for children and Adolescents in Minnesota, USA.
Large-format paperback. 151 pages