Difficult Conversations - How to Discuss What Matters Most


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Published USA, 2010 (new edition)
Much as we try to avoid them, difficult conversations are a part of life. And we often handle them badly. This book gives us the knowledge to tackle even the most challenging conversations. Based on research at the Harvard Negotiation Program in the USA, Difficult Conversations walks us through a step-by-step approach for how to have our toughest conversations with less stress and more success. It shows us how to prepare ourselves; how to start the conversation without defensiveness; and how to keep it constructive and focused regardless of how the other person responds.

Know when to speak - and when to listen
Stop laying blame and start being positive
The role of feelings - yours and theirs
Say what you mean - don`t make others guess
Understand what`s not being said as well as what is
Transform a battle into a learning conversation

Douglas Stone is lecturer on law at Harvard Law School.
Small-format paperback. 315 pages

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