Direct Work with Family Groups: Ideas to Aid Engagement and Assessment


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Published UK, 2016
For practitioners working in the field of child protection and welfare, dealing with families both at home and in the community can be a challenging experience. This book looks at the personal skills needed to engage families: how to assess and manage the needs of individual family members whilst also being mindful of potential risk factors. The book includes easy-to-use activities and resources to inspire workers to think about creative new ways to plan and carry out their work.

Keeping Yourself Safe
What to Do if You Don't Get Access
Working with Resistance, Challenging Behaviour and Aggression
Activities to Support Engagement
Activities to Aid Assessment and Help with 'Big Conversations'
Simple Ideas to Increase Parent/Child Proximity and Positive Touch

Audrey Tait is a senior practitioner working with children and their families in Edinburgh.
Paperback. 215 pages

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