Dissociative Identity Disorder Sourcebook


Product Description

Published USA, 2001
Written from the patient's perspective, this sourcebook is an eminently practical and sensitive guide for persons with the disorder, their family and their therapist. There are tools for diagnosing DID and courses of treatment; the various stages of therapy and what to expect; self-help and coping strategies; and therapy interventions from medication to group therapy.

Dissociation: An Overview
Creative Coping or Dysfunction?
Diagnosing the Disorder
Treatment Philosophies and Approaches
Stages of Therapy and What to Expect
When Seeing a Therapist is Not Enough
How Medication Might Help
Learning to Trust Again: The Group Therapy Process
Self-Help and Coping Strategies
Survival Tips for Significant Others (and Therapists Too)

Deborah Haddock is a psychologist in private practice in Minnesota, USA.
Paperback. 311 pages

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