Divorce Workbook for Children: Help for Kids to Overcome Difficult Family Changes and Grow Up Happy


Product Description

Published USA, 2008
Written by an experienced therapist, this workbook offers parents and practitoners simple and engaging activities that can help children address and cope with issues related to parental divorce. The goal of these activities is to help children feel out of the middle of the parental conflict and learn to be more resilient and self-reliant. The program is CBT-based.

Talking to Your Parents About the Divorce
Feeling Sad
Feeling Mad
Using Your Thoughts to Cope with Your Feelings
Using Your Body to Cope with Your Feelings
Different Houses, Different Rules
When Parents Argue
When Parents Are Far Away
When a Parent Leaves Your Life
Your Mum or Dad Might Get Married Again

Lisa Schab is a social worker with a private counselling practice in Chicago, USA.
40 activities
Paperback. 139 pages

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