Don't Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for Teens: DBT Skills for Helping You Manage Change


Product Description

Published USA, 2011
This book offers teenagers tangible tools to deal with emotional upheaval, volatile emotions and difficult relationships. Using clear and concise language, the workbook offers awareness-enhancing exercises and practical help for recognizing, sorting out and changing the way painful emotions can be handled. The book teaches teenagers DBT skills. These skills are separated into four categories:

+  Mindfulness
+  Emotion Regulation
+  Distress Tolerance
+  Interpersonal Effectiveness

Mindfulness: Learning Self-Awareness
What You Need to Know About Emotions
Taking Control of Out-of-Control Emotions
Reducing Your Painful Emotions
Surviving a Crisis Without Making it Worse
Improving Your Mood
Improving Your Relationship

Sheri Van Dijk is a mental health therapist in private practice in Canada.
Paperback. 151 pages

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