Don`t Diet, Live-It! Workbook: Healing Food, Weight and Body Issues


Product Description

Published USA, 1999
This unique workbook is full of in-depth information, moving personal stories, and insightful worksheets to help people understand and resolve their food, weight and body issues. Readers take four `journeys` through such topics as:

Outer Solutions vs. Inner Solutions
Isolation vs. Reaching Out
Thoughts vs. Feelings
Aggressive vs. Assertive Communication
Criticism vs. Praise
Emotional Hunger vs. Physical Hunger
Diet vs. Live-It
Weight Control vs. Natural Weight

The manual includes a special section for practitioners who want to lead Don`t Diet-Live-It! groups, with a sample structure for meetings, group guidelines, goals and responses to common problems.

Andrea Wachter is a therapist in the USA specializing in food, weight and body image issues.
Large-format paperback. 255 pages

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