Fill a Bucket: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Young Children


Product Description

Published USA, 2013/2018
Everyone is born with an invisible bucket. No one can see your bucket, but it is always with you. Your bucket is a very important part of you. It is an important part of everyone.

When children have their buckets filled and learn how they can fill other people's buckets too, they understand how special and valuable they are. This simple metaphor offers a simple and effective early childhood method to warm the hearts of young children and teach them how to experience the joy of giving and receiving. This book is a prequel to the award-winning book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

When your daddy kisses and tickles you, he fills your bucket
When your mummy smiles and tells you she loves you, she is filling your bucket
When your sister or brother snuggles and reads to you, your buckets fill up even more
When your grandpa or grandma plays with you, everyone's bucket is filled

Ages 4-8 years
Hardback. 24 pages