Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life For Teens: A Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life


Product Description

Published USA, 2012
Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life
allowed adults to identify the things that are most important to them and give focus and direction to their lives. This new book brings these essential skills to teenage readers, presenting a comprehensive acceptance and commitment therapy, positive psychology and emotional intelligence plan for moving past depression, anxiety, unhealthy behaviours and simple self-doubt. This engaging book follows the journey of the characters Jess and Sam as they learn to control their impulses and focus on becoming the captains of their own ship. Readers come to see their dreams clearly and take steps to make them happen, even though these actions may risk criticism from others and cause them to feel temporarily embarrassed or afraid. By learning that feelings do not need to be translated into actions, teenagers learn to see their lives in the long term and gain self-control and emotion regulation skills that will serve them as they move into adulthood.

Joseph Ciarrochi is Professor of Psychology at the University of Western Sydney, Australia.
Paperback. 134 pages