Getting Along with Others - Charts and Tips to Help You Teach Social Skills to Children


Product Description

Published USA, 1996
The 30 charts in this activity book make social skill learning and practice a lot of fun for children. The playful illustrations, colouring activities and rewards will keep children entertained and motivated. Skills included on the charts include:

+  Listening to Others
+  Showing You Care
+  Following Instructions
+  Controlling Your Anger
+  Accepting 'No'
+  Correcting Mistakes
+  Interrupting in a Nice Way
+  Saying Something Nice
+  Telling the Truth
+  Saying You're Sorry

The rewards are negotiated between the adult and the child. They include the child's favourite activites or interests, or may simply be approval from the adult.

Ages Pre-K to 6 years
30 pages

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