Getting Over OCD: A 10-Step Workbook for Taking Back Your Life


Product Description

Published USA, 2018 (2nd edition)
Based on cognitive-behavioural therapy, this workbook illustrates the author's research that a step-by-step approach is the best method for overcoming OCD. The exposure and response prevention form of CBT allows the client to build on her own successes as she works her way through the therapy. Fully revised second edition.

OCD 101: Learning about the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
Analyzing Your Own OCD Symptoms
Understanding OCD's Battle Plan
Customizing Your Action Plan
Strengthening Your Resolve to Move Forward
Thinking Errors
Defeating Avoidance Behaviour
Defeating Obsessional Thoughts, Doubts and Images
Deafeating Your Compulsive Urges

Jonathan Abramowitz
is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Clinic at the University of North Carolina, USA. He trained under Dr. Edna Foa.
Paperback. 294 pages