Getting Unstuck in ACT: A Clinician's Guide to Overcoming Common Obstacles in ACT


Product Description

Published USA, 2013
In this book, psychotherapist and author of ACT Made Simple, Australian Russ Harris, provides solutions for overcoming the common roadblocks in ACT. We learn how to deal with reluctant or unmotivated clients as well as how to get past certain theoretical aspects of ACT that some clients may find confusing. This book will help clients deal with dilemmas and unsolvable problems and will help simplify key ACT concepts to help them break down psychological barriers. Other common problems with ACT that the book addresses are inconsistencies and sending mixed messages, talking and explaining ACT instead of doing it, being too eager to treat a client, or putting too much focus on one process while neglecting others. Chapters are based on real-life scenarios that take place between therapist and client and Russ Harris provides feedback by analysing mistakes in what was said and where improvements could be made.

Know Thyself
Flexibility and Reinforcement
Triggers and Payoffs
The Reluctant Client
Values Traps
Sticky Thoughts
Motivate the Unmotivated
Difficult Dilemmas

Russ Harris lives and practises in Melbourne, Australia.
Paperback. 180 pages

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