Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples


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Published USA, 1988. 20th anniversary edition 2008
In this highly readable book, Harville Hendrix and his wife delve into the nitty-gritty of common couple relationship problems. They offer user-friendly, couple-tested exercises designed to de-program us from ineffective tasks. The 20th anniversary edition contains extensive revisions to this groundbreaking book, with new exercises and a foreword detailing Harville Hendrix's updated philosophy for eliminating all negativity from couples' daily interactions. The key to a successful relationship, the authors argue, is connection: with parts of ourselves that we have repressed; with other people; and with the larger universe.

The Mystery of Attraction
Childhood Wounds
Romantic Love
The Power Struggle
Increasing Your Knowledge of Yourself and Your Partner
Creating a Sacred Place
Ten Steps Toward a Conscious Partnership: 18 Exercises

Harville Hendrix, in partnership with Helen Hunt, originated Imago Relationship Therapy in the USA.
Paperback. 336 pages

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