Ghosts From the Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence


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Published USA, 1997/2013 (revised & updated)
The term Ghosts from the Nursery is used to express the idea that murderers and other violent criminals, who were once infants in our communities, are always accompanied by the spirits of the babies they once were, together with the forces that killed their promise. The authors` research shows that infancy is the stage during which the foundations for trust, empathy, conscience and lifelong learning are laid down, and the predisposition to violent behaviour is `hardwired` into the brain. It is the interaction of multiple factors in the child`s early life- fetal alcohol syndrome, physical abuse of the child and postpartum depression, for instance - which may set the stage for the child`s later violent behaviour. Each chapter is introduced with the pieces of the story of Jeffrey, a young murderer, which illustrate the key factors in the stories of most children who kill.

This revised edition continues to shift the conversation among parents and policy makers toward more preventative measures, incorporating significant advances in the field of neurobiological research over the past decade.

Robin Karr-Morse is a family therapist in Oregon, USA. Meredith Wiley worked with Robin Karr-Morse in designing and managing the Children's Care Team in Oregon.
Paperback. 412 pages

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