Girl Wars: 12 Strategies That Will End Female Bullying


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Published USA, 2003
Relational Aggression
(RA), also called female bullying, is the use of `relationships rather than fists` to hurt another. Gossip, teasing and forming cliques are the basis of this bullying, which harms both victim and aggressor. The authors illustrate their strategies with many stories from mothers and girls. The strategies, that range from preventive to prescriptive, emphasize positive role models, assertiveness not aggressiveness, conflict resolution skills, and alternatives to bullying behaviour. `Not only can girls be kind,` the authors write, `they feel better about themselves when they are.`

Cheryl Dellasega is the author of Surviving Ophelia. Charisse Nixon`s research is on relational aggression
Paperback. 244 pages

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