Have Courage!


Product Description

Published USA, 2014
Even though I'm small, I can stand tall and feel good about myself.
I show courage when I do what I think is right - even when it's hard or I feel afraid.
I can dare to say 'No!'
I can dare to think for myself and do what I think is best.

Is this large, colourful book, young children learn to do what they think is right, even if it's hard. They find out how to distinguish between expectations set by trusted adults and hurtful, wrong or dangerous things people might pressure them to do. They discover that they can try new things, take reasonable risks and speak up for what they want and need. Meant for reading aloud, Have Courage! includes a special section for adults with discussion questions, activities, games and tips that reinforce the lessons from the book.

Ages 4-8 years
Cheri Meiners is the author of many books on social skills for children.
Large-format paperback. 35 pages

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