Healing Days: A Guide for Kids Who Have Experienced Trauma


Product Description

Published USA, 2013
This book is a sensitive and reassuring story intended for children who have experienced trauma. It covers the feelings, thoughts and behaviours that many children have after a bad and scary thing has happened to them. 'I cried a lot and did other things I hadn't done since I was a baby', the girl says. "My teacher said I wasn't focusing, I was distracted and I wasn't playing nicely,' says the boy. The story interposes boys and girls and we don't follow one child all the way through the book. The child goes to see a therapist who emphasises that the event was not their fault and most people are good and won't hurt children. She offers him a safety plan and a feel-good plan to help him through the times when he reacts to the traumatic event that has occurred. 'She also told me it sometimes takes a while but I can be a happy kid again, a happy good kid.'

Ages 6-11 years
Susan Farber Straus
is a clinical child psychologist in Maryland, USA.
Paperback. 32 pages