Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens: 100 Practical Ideas


Product Description

Published USA, 2001
With sensitivity and insight, this book offers suggestions for healing activities that can help young people to express their grief and mourn natually. The ideas and activities are aimed at reducing the confusion, anxiety and huge personal void so that teenagers can begin their lives again. The author asks every teenager to think of themselves as having a Personal Mourning Account, or PMA. Every time they express their thoughts and feelings related to their grief, they make a deposit. The aim is to grow the PMA balance, slowly and over time, and with the support and love of those around them.

Understand the concept of 'reconciliation'
Tell the story over and over again if you need to
Keep a momento of the person who died
Keep promises to yourself
Move toward your grief, not away from it
Laugh with friends
Release your anger in constructive ways

Alan Wolfelt serves as Director of the Centre for Loss and Life Transition in Colorado, USA.
Paperback. 128 pages

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