Healing a Parent`s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas After Your Child Dies


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Published USA, 2002
The unthinkable has happened: your child has died. The normal cycle of life has been broken and you have outlived your child. How do you go on? What can you do with your pain? Where do you run? What do other grieving parents do not only to survive but, over time and with the support of others, to live and love fully again?

Alan Wolfelt helps grieving parents understand and reconcile their grief. Dealing with marital stress, helping surviving siblings, dealing with hurtful advice and exploring feelings of guilt, this compassionate 100 idea book is a source of comfort and healing.

Know That You Will Survive
Be Compassionate with Yourself
Be Compassionate with Your Surviving Children
Expect to Have a Multitude of Feelings
Know That It's OK to Feel Angry
Communicate Openly with Your Family

Alan Wolfelt is the Director of the Centre for Loss and Life Transition in Colorado, USA.
Paperback. 128 pages

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