Help for the Hard Times: Getting Through Loss


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Published USA, 1995
This busy book is a roadmap for teenagers (10-15 years) who are confronted with loss and grief and who are trying to make some sense out of it all. Earl Hipp uses the metaphor of the 'loss pot', a stew filled with unpleasant ingredients like anger, guilt and hurt that get all mixed up and blended together and you end up with a lot of general sadness. The book is full of ideas. There are seven stages to work through grief, seven things a grieving person needs to know, nine skills for the hard times, ten gifts in loss, and eight ways to support a grieving person. It's a segmented and 'hipp' way to get teenagers to think about loss, with lots of quotes, headings and illustrations.

What is a Loss?
What is Grief?
What is the Loss Pot?
Getting Through Grief
Growing Through the Hard Times
The Gifts in Loss
How to Support a Grieving Person
Exploring Your Loss Pot

Earl Hipp is an author and director of Human Resource Development in the USA.
Ages 10-15 years
Paperback. 121 pages

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