Helping Children to Tell About Sexual Abuse: Guidance for Helpers


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Published UK, 2016
For too long we have failed to recognize the early warning signs that a child may be sexually abused, placing the onus on the child to 'disclose' their experience of sexual abuse rather than on the practitioner to recognize the signs that the abuse is occurring. This book helps us to challenge these failures, to better understand the nature of child sexual abuse and to help children explain what has happened to them. Young people say that the three things they want most from professionals are that they should give an effective response, be knowledgeable and be available. The author highlights the importance of awareness and facilitating expression, how we can help to create conversations with children that provide the opportunity for them to tell.

Believing Children
Recognizing the Signs
Asking Questions
Understanding Self-Blame and Shame
Helping Friends to Tell
After First Disclosure

Rosaleen McElvaney is a clinical psychologist and lecturer in psychotherapy at Dublin City University.
Paperback. 159 pages

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