Helping Your Angry Teen - Using Mindfulness and Positive Psychology


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Published USA, 2017
Mitch Abblett introduces us to the PURE method of managing communication between parents and teenagers. The PURE method is a four-step sequence of mindful communication techniques, providing concrete, in-the-moment cueing about how to build effective, compassionate, direct and authentic communication during tough moments at home. What the author offers are lessons in how parents can be the best parents they can be, not the best parents according to someone else's 'five-step miracle recipe'.

Anger in Teens: The Problems and the Solution
Presence: Mindfulness of the Senses for Managing Heat from Teens
Understanding: Creating Clarity in the Cycle of Teen Anger
Responsive Leadership in Parenting Angry Teens
Empowering Change for You and Your Teen

Mitch Abblett is a psychologist in Boston, USA.
Paperback. 160 pages

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