Helping Your Child Recover From Sexual Abuse


Product Description

Published USA, 1987. Third printing 1998
Two experienced counsellors discuss each stage of a child's recovery from sexual abuse. Information for parents appears on the left-hand pages. Sample conversations and activities for parent and child together are on the right-hand pages. The book represents the collective wisdom of numerous parents who have been through the experience of their child's abuse, and have learned how to help their children feel stronger, safer, braver, more lovable, worthwhile and competent.

What to Do When Abuse is First Disclosed
Responding to the Reactions of Friends and Loved Ones
Children's Reactions to Abuse
How Parents and Children Grieve Differently
Rebuilding a Child's Self-Esteem
Dealing with Confusion about Sexuality
Helping a Child Feel Safe and in Control
Typical Problems at Different Ages
Recognizing When a Child is Getting Better

Caren Adams is a health educator in the USA. Jennifer Fay is a writer and trainer dealing with the field of sexual violence
Paperback. 157 pages

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