Imagine a Rainbow: A Child's Guide for Soothing Pain


Product Description

Published USA, 2006
You are a child. It doesn`t seem fair
That sometimes your body can hurt everywhere
There`s a way to feel better, something children can do
The ideas in your mind can help you get through

This delightful book, with beautiful illustrations, uses a variety of visualizations to ease the pain caused by cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. Imagine warm rain that comes sprinkling down... Imagine the wind blowing softly through trees... Imagine the ocean with sparkling waves... Pretend you`re a cloud in a sky filled with blue... Imagine white feathers stacked twenty feet high... Imagine a field filled with daisies and grass... The book also includes an extensive `Notes to Parents` that explains the techniques of imagery and deep breathing, and how to help children use them.

Ages 4-8 years
Paperback. 32 pages

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