Inside Group Work: A Guide to Reflective Practice


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Published Australia, 2002
Fiona McDermott is Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Work at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her book emerged from two sources: her own practice as a group worker in a variety of settings, and her group work teaching with social work students. McDermott provides a firm theoretical grounding for group work, and addresses the complex issue of group leadership. Facilitators, she argues, need to `think group` in order to be most effective. She focuses on the formation of a group, explores its `life`, provides a description and analysis of `critical issues` in the life of a group, and looks at what is meant by `good` group work practice.

Group Purpose
Theoretical Basis of Group Work
Thinking Group in Action
Forming a Group
The Life of a Group
Critical Issues
Doing Good Group Work

Paperback. 225 pages

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