Integrated Approach to Short-Term Dynamic Interpersonal Psychotherapy


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Published UK, 2017
Short-term dynamic interpersonal psychotherapy (STDIP) is new in three main ways. Firstly, it comes from the conversational model (Russell Meares) in which the form of the therapist's language, rather than its content alone, is seen as the main therapeutic instrument. Secondly, it derives from trauma studies and theory. The author found a traumatic basis to many of the problems she was dealing with. And finally, the model concerns the role of attachment. Important trauma-related behaviours and phenomena are understood in terms of attachment disturbance and separation anxiety rather than traditional concepts such as resistance. The book is well-organized and clearly written with detailed case studies.

Joan Haliburn is a consultant child, adolescent and family psychiatrist in Sydney.
Paperback. 281 pages

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