It's Hard To Be a Verb: A Storybook for Children Aged 5-8 Years


Product Description

Published USA, 2008
My name is Louis.
People say that I am a verb.
That's because I'm always doing something.
The problem is that most of the time,
I end up doing the wrong 'something'!

Louis' mum come to the rescue by teaching him techniques to help keep his inner itching, twitching and jumping in check. 'Whenever you know you are going to have to sit still for a while,' she says, 'wiggle your wiggles before they wiggle you.' Next, she gives Louis a Focus Squishy, a soft worm that he holds in his hand, to help him sit still until it's his turn. Finally, a Nag Board lists all of those things that Louis has to do before he goes to school. This storybook for young children is filled with heart and humour.

Ages 5-8 years
Paperback. 32 pages

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