It`s My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship


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Published USA, 2018 (3rd edition)
This book addresses the needs of women who have left abusive relationships. In a very systematic manner, the authors lead women through the stages of recovery. Consideration is given to lingering feelings of love for the ex-partner; loss and grief; emotional functioning; stress; the children of the abusive relationship; the reactions of others in your life; and more. Self exploration exercises and activities for personal growth are dotted throughout the book. Now in its third edition, the authors include updated information and resources while encompassing a wider range of individuals and the relationships in which abuse and violence occur. The new edition also provides a new emphasis on safety assessment which has increasingly been shown to be a critical factor in recovery.

Meg Dugan is Director of Voices Against Violence, a crisis centre in New Hampshire. Roger Hock is Director of the Psychology Program and Professor of Psychology and Human Sexuality at Mendocino College in Northern.
Paperback. 233 pages

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