Letting Go of Shame: Understanding How Shame Affects Your Life


Product Description

Published USA, 1989
When shame is temporary, it can be a great teacher. Good shame enhances our self-awareness and our relationships with others. Recognizing that even deeply shamed persons can learn to treat themselves with honour, the authors help us begin the painful, but hope-filled, process of healing. This book helps us identify our shame and the biological, psychological and cultural factors that produce it. Practical exercises in each chapter guide us through the process of understanding shame and following an effective plan of action when shame disconnects us from others and ourselves. This is an old title but it continues to sell well as there are few good books on this topic.

When Shame is Good
Excessive Shame
Shame Deficiency
Growing Up Shameful
Shame in Our Relationships and Culture
How We Shame Ourselves
Healing the Wounds of Shame
Healing Shame from the Family of Origin

Ronald Potter-Efron is a clinical psychologist in Michigan, USA.
Small-format paperback. 216 pages