Messages: Workbook - Powerful Strategies for Effective Communication at Work and Home


Product Description

Published USA, 2004
The original Messages taught the fundamental skills needed to communicate well. This workbook offers exercises and scripts practitioners can use to help clients practise these skills and make them their own. The workbook extends the techniques of Messages to a wide range of situations: communicating with teenagers and children; gender communication differences in adults; aggressive and passive styles; communicating with people in pain; and meeting new people and cultivating friendships. Step-by-step worksheets, fill-ins and case stories help clients avoid communication pitfalls and make long-lasting, life-enhancing changes.

Expressing Yourself
Regulating Your Emotions
Asserting Yourself
Fighting Fair
Negotiating Conflict
Dealing with Strong Emotions'Discussing Sex
Talking to Children and Teenagers

Martha Davis is a psychologist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Centre in California, USA.
Large-format paperback. 232 pages

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