Mindfulness, Acceptance and Positive Psychology: The Seven Foundations of Well-Being


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Published USA, 2013
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the positive psychology movement both share the same goals: to help people focus on their values and become emotionally agile, healthy and successful. When combined, these two intervention models create a powerful treatment approach to help clients move past suffering and toward a life of vitality and meaning. This book, written by leading researchers in mindfulness and positive psychology, reveals the seven foundations of well-being that can easily be integrated into interventions. By focusing on the core elements of mindfulness, self-compassion and committed action, this book can help people live more fulfilling lives. Authors include Russ Harris, Robyn Walser and Steven Hayes.

Love and the Human Condition
Self-Compassion and ACT
Perspective Taking
On Making People More Positive and Rational
Accepting Guilt and Abandoning Shame
Nurturing Genius: Using Relational Frame Theory

Todd Kashdan is a senior scientist at the Centre for Consciousness and Transformation at George Mason University, USA. Joseph Ciarrochi is a professor at the University of Western Sydney, Australia.
Paperback. 335 pages

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