Mindfulness Workbook for Teen Self-Harm: Skills to Overcome Cutting and Self-Harming Behaviours


Product Description

Published USA, 2019
This workbook helps young people to identify, manage and move through self-harming behaviours, thoughts and feelings. It is full of personal self-harm assessments and a wide range of strategies for helping teenagers overcome self-harm without inflicting additional blame and shame. It opens up the conversation that young people, their parents and practitioners need to have about normalizing and facing with compassion the dark thoughts that teenagers have always had. The authors strike the right tone while providing gradual action steps that will resonate with adolescents.

Self-Harming Behaviours
Be Mindful, Not Harmful
Self-Harming Thoughts and Feelings
Take Control of Your Life

Gina Biegel is a psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Paperback. 173 pages

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