Mindfulness for Life


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Published Australia, 2012
Written by two Melbourne-based lecturers, with many years of personal and clinical experience in mindfulness, this book is designed for the general reader to be a guide to living a more mindful life. Mindfulness works, they argue, in a formal sense, by paying attention to the present moment, free of judgment or distraction. This formal practice then translates into a way to live our lives, moment by moment, being mindful. The authors look at three areas of life where mindfulness works; medical and pre-medical conditions; personal development; and spiritual development.

+  Reduce stress and anxiety
+  Reduce the risk of disease
+  Overcome addiction
+  Unhook from depression
+  Manage your wieght
+  Perform better at work
+  Be a better parent

Craig Hassed is an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness.
Paperback. 304 pages

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