My Friend with Autism: Enhanced Edition with CD of Colouring Pages


Product Description

Published USA, 2011
Just like me, my friend does many things very well and some other things are hard for him. Most of all, my friend loves to have friends

This storybook is written especially for young classmates and parents of children with autism. It explains, in a positive and understandable way, what autism is and how the behaviour of autistic children can be different from that of other children. A peer narrator explains that his friend is good at some things and not so good at others - just like everyone else! He addresses issues such as sensory sensitivity, communication differences, unique ways of playing, and insistence on routine. At the end of the book are Page-by-Page Notes for Adults, which supplement the text with facts and explanations to further educate teachers and classmates' parents. The CD contains printable colouring pages that reinforce the lessons of the book and additional printable information for adults.

Beverly Bishop conducts autism awareness trainings and has a son with autism.
Ages 5-12 years
Paperback. 42 pages

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