My Life By Me: A Kid's Forever Book


Product Description

Published USA, 2012
My Life By Me is just for you. It's a book where you can write all about you: who you are, who you used to be & who you want to be.

This book is a personal memory book for children with a terminal illness. It contains prompts to help them record and create pages of their life, history, experiences and memories. Children can use this book alone or with their parents and carers to help recreate and document important events and significant people, what is important to them and who or what has made them who they are. It's a book to allow children to create their own story of life: something beautiful and unique. There are blank pages to write and draw in; and places to include photos, drawings and artwork. Importantly, the child is the author and is completely in control of what is included and what is omitted.

Ages 7-11 years
Beth Barbour works in the psychology department of the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.
Paperback. 64 pages

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