Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement


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Published USA, 2013
Drawing on their own extensive research as well as decades of other experts' studies, the authors show us how to identify narcissism, minimize the forces that sustain and transmit it, and treat or manage it where we find it. Their book is a riveting window into the consequences of narcissism, a prescription to combat the widespread problems it causes, and a probing analysis of the culture at large.

The Disease of Excessive Self-Admiration and the Top Five Myths About Narcissism
Parenting: Raising Royalty
Superspreaders: The Celebrity and Media Transmission of Narcissism
The Spending Explosion and its Impact on the Environment: Materialism
The Quest for Infamy and the Rise of Incivility: Antisocial Behaviour
The Chocolate Cake Trap: Relationship Troubles
All Play and No Work: Entitlement

Jean Twenge is the author of Generation Me. W. Keith Campbell has received international attention for his research on narcissism.
Paperback. 343 pages

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