Neurocounselling: Using Modern Counselling Skills and Neuroplasticity to Achieve Life-Changing Results


Product Description

Published Australia, 2018
Communication is a fundamental consideration for practitioners in supporting clients on their journey to achieving life-enhancing changes. Counsellors try to help someone change their thinking and behaviour, or even a goal, and quickly discover that simply telling them what to do often doesn't work. In this book, Katina Gleeson explores a range of ideas and approaches aimed at alleviating this frustration. She outlines ideas about different counselling theories and communication skills, concepts from neuroscience, the factors that support change, and the importance of understanding ourselves in order to build stronger therapeutic relationships. The central focus is the role of good communication in supporting positive change.

Katina Gleeson is a counsellor and hypnotherapist based in Brisbane.
Paperback. 85 pages

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