Neuroscience of Psychotherapy: Healing the Social Brain


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Published USA, 2017 (3rd edition)
Exactly how the mind changes during the psychotherapeutic process is the fundamental puzzle that the exciting new synthesis of neuroscience and psychotherapy seeks to solve. There is an increasing interest among psychotherapists in the recent advances in neuroscience, especially in how it relates to clinical work. Louis Cozolino, a clinical psychologist, demonstrates how linkages between the theoretical domains of the self and the social brain can deepen our understanding of various psychopathologies, including trauma and severe personality disorders. Written for psychotherapists and others interested in the relationship between brain and behaviour, this text encourages us to consider the brain when attempting to understand human development, mental illness and psychological health. This revised second edition is updated with many neuroscientific developments. New chapters offer an expanded discussion of the neurobiology of attachment, epigenetics and the construction of consciousness.

Neuroscience and Psychotherapy: An Overview
How the Brain Works: The Legacy of Evolution
The Organization of Experience and the Healthy Brain
The Social Brain
The Disorganization of Experience
The Reorganization of Experience

Louis Cozolino is Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University, USA, and a clinical psychologist in private practice.
Hardback. 608 pages