Overcoming Anger in Your Relationship: How to Break the Cycle of Arguments, Put-Downs and Stony Silences


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Published USA, 2010
If anger is poisoning your relationship, if your partner's sarcasm, irritability or hostility is making you question the closeness and trust that you both had, you will begin to ask how much more you can take. Anger expert, W. Robert Nay, author of Taking Charge of Anger, provides practical techniques for responding productively to inappropriate expressions of anger. You will learn how anger gains a foothold in a couple's life, why your usual responses may unwittingly reward bad behaviour, and how to stand up for yourself in ways that promote lasting change.

Creating New Boundaries: Expecting New Behaviour
Identifying the Thinking Patterns That Keep You Stuck
Loud, Impatient and 'Over the Top': Confronting Hostility
When Words Do Hurt: Rejecting Sarcasm and Verbal Abuse
Threats and Beyond: Staying Off the Slippery Slope of Physical Abuse
Passive Anger: What to Do When It Seems Harmless But Feels Harmful

W. Robert Nay is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Virginia, USA.
Paperback. 259 pages

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