Play Therapy with Traumatized Children: A Prescriptive Approach


Product Description

Published USA, 2010
Clinicians have long recognized that trauma therapy is not just a matter of techniques but a journey with a beginning, middle and end. In a pioneering contribution to the field, Paris Goodyear-Brown codifies the process in her model - Flexibly Sequential Play Therapy (FSPT). Integrating non-directive and directive approaches, this components-based model allows for the uniqueness of each child to be valued while providing a safe, systematic journey towards trauma resolution. The FSPT model demystifies play-based trauma treatment by outlining the scope and sequence of posttraumatic play therapy and providing detailed guidance for clinicians at each step of the process. The book addresses:

+  Creating a safe place for trauma processing
+  Augmenting the child's adaptive coping strategies and soothing his or her physiology
+  Correcting the child's cognitive distortions
+  Ensuring that caregivers are facilitative partners in treatment
+  Inviting gradual exposure to trauma content through play
+  Creating developmentally sensitive trauma narratives
+  Using termination to make positive meaning of the post-trauma self

Paris Goodyear-Brown is a social worker and play therapist in the USA specializing in the treatment of traumatized children.
Paperback. 378 pages

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