Play and Creativity in Psychotherapy


Product Description

Published USA, 2018
Through play, as children, we learn about rules and relationships and emotions. Within psychotherapy, a playful attitude promotes an atmosphere of safety, support and nonjudgement for patients which sets the foundation for novel responses and creative shifts. It also allows therapists to stay curious and engaged. In this book, leading practitioners illuminate what play and creativity mean for the healing process at any stage of life. From brain processes underlying play to the importance of the mutual exchange of love that fuels a young child's desire to grow and develop; plus the importance of a playful attitude in couple's psychotherapy and the 'body side of play'; this book demonstrates how play and creativity have everything to do with the deepest healing, growth and personal transformation. Contributors include Dan Siegel, Allan Schore, Pat Ogden, Louis Cozollino and Marion Solomon.

Terry Marks-Tarlow is a clinical psychologist in California.
Hardback. 384 pages