Raising Parents: Attachment, Representation and Treatment


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Published UK, 2015 (2nd edition)
This book provides a systematic account of parental behaviour and the means of identifying and addressing inadequate parenting. It is intended for professionals who work with children or adults who were harmed as children, and its central concern is with parents who endanger their children or whose children may endanger themselves or others. The text analyzes the information processing that underlies behaviour, with the examples of dangerous and violent parental behaviour, and connects the merging cognitive neurosciences with parenting, child protection and forensic psychology. The author sets out the principles and practice of the Dynamic-Maturational Model as a comprehensive model of treatment.

Early Childhood: Learning To Be Safe at Home
Going to School: Coping with a Complex World
Becoming an Adult: Leaving and Loving
Representations and Child-Rearing That Endangers Children
Distortions of Normal Child-Protective Behaviour
Parents Whose Own Needs Skew Their Perceptions
Why Do We Need a New Theory of Treatment?

Patricia Crittenden has many years experience as an academic and practitioner in the fields of child abuse, attachment theory and family therapy in the USA and other countries.
Paperback. 350 pages