Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends


Product Description

Published USA, 2016 (4th edition)
In print for 35 years, this book is the number one resource on divorce recovery. The updated fourth edition features a new introduction by co-author, Robert Alberti. The 19 steps to the rebuilding model are arranged into pyramid 'blocks' to symbolize a mountain. Rebuilding means climbing that mountain, a difficult journey for most of us. The book outlines specific ways of dealing with each rebuilding block to prevent it from becoming a stumbling block. We start at Denial and finish at Freedom, having gone through Loneliness, Grief, Anger, Self-Worth, Trust, Purpose and others along the way. The book also includes Bruce Fisher's detailed Healing Separation model, the first of its kind to offer couples a healing alternative to the usual slide from separation to divorce. The authors balance seriousness with optimism in a warm, simple and direct way.

Bruce Fisher developed the Rebuilding model of divorce over 30 years ago. He died in 1998.
Paperback. 328 pages