Red Beast: Controlling Anger in Children with Asperger's Syndrome


Product Description

Published UK, 2008
Deep inside everyone a Red Beast lies sleeping.
When it is asleep the Red Beast is quite small.
However, when it wakes up, it begins to grow and grow.
Strangely, as it grows, its ears begin to shrink, its eyes get smaller and smaller
And yet its mouth grows bigger and bigger!

This is the story of how one boy, Rufus, conquered his anger and sent the red beast back to sleep. Developed in conjunction with the National Autistic Society in the UK, this book offers a range of anger management strategies and useful guidelines for parents on how to help their child 'tame the red beast'.  The strategies include a safe room, a stress ball, counting, bubble wrap, music and many more. The big and bold coloured illustrations are by the author's 22 year-old son who is on the autism spectrum.

K.I.Al-Ghani is a special educational needs teacher in the UK.
Ages 5-12 years
Large-format hardback. 48 pages

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