Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain


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Published USA, 2010
This book from one of the most significant neuroscientists at work today asks the question that has confounded philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists for centuries: how is consciousness created? In Self Comes to Mind, Antonio Damasio goes against the long-standing idea that consciousness is somehow separate from the body, presenting new scientific evidence that consciousness - what we think of as a mind with a self - is to begin with a biological process created by a living organism. Besides the three traditional perspectives used to study the mind - the introspective, the behavioural and the neurological - Damasio introduces an evolutionary perspective that entails a radical change in the way the history of conscious minds is viewed and told. He also advances a radical hypothesis regarding the origins and varieties of feelings which is central to his framework for the biological construction of consciousness. This book suggests that the brain's development of a human self becomes a challenge to nature's indifference and opens the way for the appearance of culture, a radical break in the course of evolution and the source of a new level of life regulation: sociocultural homeostasis.

From Life Regulation to Biological value
Making Maps and Making Images
The Body in Mind
Emotions and Feelings
Building a Conscious Mind
Living with Consciousness

Antonio Damasio is Professor of Neuroscience, Psychology and Neurology at the University of Southern California.
Paperback. 397 pages

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