Somebody Cares: A Guide for Kids Who Have Experienced Neglect


Product Description

Published USA, 2016
There were times I felt good about being me.
I did a lot on my own.
I told myself, 'I'm big. I can take care of myself.'
But that's not how I felt all the time.
Lots of times I needed help and there was no help.

This storybook talks about the feelings and thoughts many young children have when they have had to look out for themselves or be alone much of the time. It also talks about the feelings and thoughts children have when things start to change for them and their families, after the intervention of a social worker or counsellor. The book is prescriptive and reassuring. It tells children that they are not to blame for what happened in their family and that they can start to feel good about themselves by practising some basic mindfulness techniques and by having a safety plan and a feel-good plan.

Ages 6-12 years

Susan Straus is a clinical child psychologist who has worked for the past 27 years with young children.
Paperback. 32 pages