Soul`s Palette: Drawing on Art's Transformative Powers for Health and Well-Being


Product Description

Published USA, 2002
Making art, according to Cathy Malchiodi, may be as important to your physical and spiritual health as balanced nutrition, regular exercise or meditation. Expressing yourself creatively - through drawing, painting, sculpture, photography - allows you to tap into a source of inner wisdom that can provide guidance, soothe emotional pain and revitalize your being. The Soul's Palette reveals art's transformative powers. Exercises include working with materials for drawing, painting, sculpting and collage; simple drawing and journaling projects; self-guided meditations and affirmations; ideas for cultivating intuition, inspiration and spontaneity; exploring personal symbols; and making art a spiritual practice.

Cathy Malchiodi is the author of The Art Therapy Sourcebook.
Paperback. 224 pages

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