Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking Back Your Life When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personality Disorder


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Published USA, 2010 (2nd edition)
The authors - a woman in a relationship with a borderline and a psychotherapist specializing in the field - delineate the ways in which borderline individuals' behaviour and communication (rage, manipulation, etc.) frustrate and perplex those around them. They go further in articulating specific strategies that those close to them can effectively employ to cope with these kinds of behaviours. The crucial point that the authors emphasize is the need for the borderline to take responsibility for his behaviour and for the non-BP to also take responsibility for their role in the relationship.

The Inner World of the Borderline
Making Sense Out of Chaos
Making Changes Within Yourself
Understanding Your Situation: Setting Boundaries
Asserting Your Needs with Confidence and Clarity
Protecting Children with BPD Behaviour
Lies, Rumours and Accusations
Making Decisions About the Relationship

Paul Mason is a psychotherapist in private practice in Wisconsin, USA.
Paperback. 262 pages

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