Supporting Vulnerable Babies and Young Children: Interventions for Working with Complex Challenges


Product Description

Published UK, 2019
This new book, edited by Wendy Bunston, looks at effective, practice-based and evidence-informed approaches to working with babies and young children across a wide range of issues. The contributors outline relevant theory and good practice, gathering case examples from around the world - primarily Australia, the UK, Japan, Canada and the USA - to illustrate what interventions look like in direct practice. The authors address a wide range of challenges including babies and very young children who have a serious illness or who have complex diagnoses, including those who have been exposed to violence or adversity in early childhood.

The Young Child and Complex Trauma in Families
Making Space for the Experience of the Infant Impacted by Familial Murder
Self-Determining Support for Indigenous Children in Australia
Attachment Theory and Evidenced-Based Procedures
Asylum-Seeking Infants and Their Parents
Infants with Cancer

Wendy Bunston
is an Associate Lecturer at Latrobe University in Melbourne.
Paperback. 312 pages

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